Introduction to My Marriage Counseling Blog

I am very happy to begin this blog.  I believe deeply in marriage, and one of my great passions in life is to see marriages succeed.  When marriage succeeds, the family is happier, the home is more peaceful, the children are better adjusted, and those connected to that family reap many of the same benefits.  Strong families help build and sustain strong communities.  Strong communities help build and sustain strong nations.  This helps to reduce much of what ails society today, including violent crime, drug abuse, suicide, social unrest, poverty, and more.  I love being part of the solution, and everyone who participates in the process of building and strengthening marriages is also part of the solution, and that includes reading blogs like this and sharing them with others.

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The more people you share this blog with, the more people will have access to this important knowledge and will be able to make their marriages better, and all of society will benefit.

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By following this blog, you will gain far more than reading a single blog.  I will spend a lot of time and effort connecting this blog to other important blogs on marriage and mental health in general.  By subscribing to and sharing this blog, you will help connect a community of people who are working together to strengthen marriage around the world.  Please join me in this great cause and help make the world a better place!


  1. Matt, your passion for marriages is inspiring. Thank you for your desire to strengthen families. I come from single-parent home and never had the example of how to be a good husband. I am excited to read your future posts so that I can learn more about how to strengthen my marriage.

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