Can I Have A Life?

  Many times, I have sat with couples who have told me that they’ve lost their romantic spark. They say that attraction that drew them together is gone. When I ask them to describe their marriage as it currently is, I often find that one of them—or both—lacks personal friends and hobbies. Having a life

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frustrated couple | man and woman

When Do You Know You Need Couple’s Counseling?

A couple needs to come in for counseling to help work through their issues when either individual feels frustrated. Frustration is the most common emotion that I have seen expressed in my sessions with couples. Frustration is what you feel after getting angry didn’t fix the problem. Fixing problems in marriages are like trying to

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My Spouse is Depressed

Depression is tough. Having a depressed spouse is also hard and can prove to be a difficult and arduous road to travel. That journey can become a balancing act like walking on a tightrope (except it’s your marriage, not a circus act). Depression can create communication barriers in that the depressed person may become extremely

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