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Depression and Marriage

As this week is National Mental Illness Awareness Week, I will discuss mental illness and marriage.  Early on in my career as a marriage counselor, I noticed that in a majority of couples I saw, there was mental illness present in one or both parties.  I also noticed that in those marriages, progress was incredibly

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My Approach to Marriage Counseling

I assume that both people are good at heart This is an important assumption because it allows for each person to feel loved and valued.  No one wants to be the problem, and it does no good to anyone if one person is singled out. Even in cases where all signs appear to point to

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Introduction to My Marriage Counseling Blog

Introduction to My Marriage Counseling Blog I am very happy to begin this blog.  I believe deeply in marriage, and one of my great passions in life is to see marriages succeed.  When marriage succeeds, the family is happier, the home is more peaceful, the children are better adjusted, and those connected to that family

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